Winter in Wartime — Movie Review

Michiel lives in a small village in the Netherlands during World War II. He lives a life of relative privilege as the son of the Mayor, a man Michiel has come to lose respect for because of the Mayor’s acceptance of the Nazis that occupy their village. But Michiel’s eyes open to the realities of war when a friend’s brother asks Michiel to deliver a letter. He meets Resistance fighter/Raf soldier Jack, and realizes that not everything in his small village is as it seems.

Winter in Wartime works on many levels; a story about how Nazi Germany’s invasion of other countries affected a small village in Holland, a coming-of-age story about a boy who takes his first steps towards becoming a man, and an intimate father-son story. This could become a jumbled mess of colliding themes, but in this movie they blend into a satisfying experience.
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