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Poll: Best "Dallas" Season Cliffhanger!

The hit series "Dallas" ran from 1978 to 1991, telling the story of a rich Texan family in the oil business, and the lives and loves they endured. Each season ended with a shocking cliffhanger that kept viewers coming back for more. Which season finale is your favorite? WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! Discuss here.

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    Dallas (1978)

    Season 1 (Miniseries):

    Bar-B-Que In an attempt to get away from J.R., a pregnant Pamela falls out of the hay loft, causing her to lose her baby.

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    Larry Hagman in Dallas (1978)

    Season 2: Whatever Happened to Baby John? Part 2

    Pregnant Sue Ellen, who has escaped from a sanitarium, gets drunk and has a car accident. At the hospital, she gives birth a premature son and may be dying herself. J.R. appears to be distraught, and says she's "Just gotta live."

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    Dallas (1978)

    Season 3: A House Divided

    As J.R.'s list of haters grows, an unknown person finally shoots him at his office - leading to one of the most popular moments of television history.

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    Dallas (1978)

    Season 4: Ewing-Gate

    Cliff Barnes finds Kristyn dead in the Southfork pool, with J.R. standing above on the balcony. Cliff believes J.R. killed her.

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    Victoria Principal and Ken Kercheval in Dallas (1978)

    Season 5: Goodbye, Cliff Barnes

    After being defeated by J.R., Cliff Barnes attempts suicide, landing him in the hospital barely alive.

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    Dallas (1978)

    Season 6: Ewing Inferno

    When J.R. and Ray fight, a fire starts at Southfork. J.R. rushes upstairs to save Sue Ellen (who is knocked out with pills) and John Ross, but is overcome by the smoke and collapses.

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    Dallas (1978)

    Season 7: End Game

    As J.R.'s enemies pile up, someone shoots the back of his chair at the office... but Bobby is the one who falls to the ground, wounded.

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    Victoria Principal, Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman, Priscilla Presley, Donna Reed, Susan Howard, Steve Kanaly, and Howard Keel in Dallas (1978)

    Season 8: Swan Song

    After Pam agrees to remarry him, Bobby is struck by Katherine's car and is taken to the hospital, where he dies.

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    Patrick Duffy in Dallas (1978)

    Season 9: Blast From the Past

    After an explosion kills Jamie and Sue Ellen, Pamela awakens in her bed and hears the shower running. She pulls the curtain and is greeted by Bobby, who smiles and says casually, "Good morning."

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    Dallas (1978)

    Season 10: Fall of the House of Ewing

    After finding out it is possible for she and Bobby to conceive a baby, Pamela crashes into a tanker and her car explodes.

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    Linda Gray in Dallas (1978)

    Season 12: Reel Life

    Sue Ellen has made a true-to-life movie detailing her awful life with J.R. (and the rest of the Ewings), and shows it to J.R., revealing that if he ever crosses her, she has the means to put him down. She then leaves Dallas.

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    Dallas (1978)

    Season 11: The Fat Lady Singeth

    Sue Ellen's lover Nick goes after J.R., and the two fight. Nick accidentally falls from the balcony to his death, so Sue Ellen vengefully shoots J.R., then calls the police to report a 'double murder.'

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    Larry Hagman in Dallas (1978)

    Season 13: Three, Three, Three

    In order to fulfill an elaborate plan, J.R. has put himself in a nut house. However, his vengeful son James destroys certain paperwork - forcing J.R. to remain in the sanitarium forever.

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    Joel Grey, Larry Hagman, and Kim Johnston Ulrich in Dallas (1978)

    Season 14: Conundrum

    As J.R. considers suicide, a supernatural man takes him on a 'It's a Wonderful Life' style journey of what the world would be like if he was never born. However, the man finally reveals himself to be a demon trying to convince J.R. to kill himself. Gun in hand, J.R. fires it (at what we don't know) just as Bobby comes home. Bobby runs upstairs to his brother's room, and is shocked by what he sees.

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