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Poll: Things you'd love to hear during an Oscar speech...

(but you probably won't)

Which one would you most like to hear, just for once, during an Oscar speech?

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Don't pay attention to the stars' pictures, they were just used to illustrate the circumstances upon which these phrases could be or could've been delivered.

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    Peter O'Toole

    Honorary? Next time, give me a REAL Oscar !
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    Al Pacino

    Out of all the performances I gave to you, I won for THAT? What is this? A pity-Oscar?
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    John Madden

    I want to thank Harvey Wienstein for his massive and efficient lobbying.
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    Julia Roberts

    To be honest, this doesn't come out as a surprise. I knew I would win.
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    Daniel Day-Lewis

    "My wife was right, the Golden Globes DO look better"
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    Meryl Streep

    "Now, where am I gonna put this one?"
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    Jack Nicholson

    "I want to thank myself for being so good"
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    Sean Penn

    You may have won the Globes, the BAFTA ... but *I* got the Oscar.
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    Adrien Brody

    "I knew getting through such drastic physical changes to play a real-life figure would pay off. You're all so predictable"
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    Leonardo DiCaprio

    "It was about time"
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    Christopher Plummer

    "Couldn't you give me the Oscar when my career needed it? Now, it's worth as much as a honorary one!"
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    Tom Hanks

    "Let me take this opportunity to out a few colleagues without giving them any warning."
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    Jared Leto

    "Is it just me or is the show host NOT funny at all?"
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    Jennifer Lawrence

    "I hope you like me, or you better get used to see me everywhere for the next twelve years"
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    Michael Caine

    "There is no such thing as an Oscar-winner. We all won. Well *I* still get the Oscar and it will be *my* name remembered for this year's win... but we're all winners"
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    Clint Eastwood

    "And now, to thank my 27 closest friends by name... and don't you dare put that music before I finish!"
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    Martin Scorsese

    "Seriously, who remembers now 'Ordinary People' or 'Dances with *beep* Wolves?"
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    Tommy Lee Jones

    "Thanks but... seriously, when I look at the other nominees, I don't think I deserved the nomination in the first place, let alone the win. Sorry."

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