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Poll: Favorite performance by an actor of extreme old age?

*approximate age 90+ when the film was released or the tv episode aired

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    Lauren Bacall

    Evelyn on Family Guy (90)
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    Ernest Borgnine

    Henry in Red (93)
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    George Burns

    Jack Watson in 18 Again! (92)
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    Danielle Darrieux

    Marjane's grandmother in Persepolis (90)
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    Kirk Douglas

    Jim Kovalski in Empire State Building Murders (92)
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    Ellen Albertini Dow

    Aunt Ruthie on New Girl (90)
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    Lillian Gish

    Sarah in Whales of August (94)
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    Christopher Lee

    Saruman in The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (90)
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    Norman Lloyd

    Donald on Modern Family (96)
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    Carl Reiner

    Marty in Two and a Half Men (92)
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    Eva Marie Saint

    Adult Willa in Winter's Tale (90)
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    Eli Wallach

    Arthur in The Holiday (91)
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    Betty White

    Elka on Hot in Cleveland (92)

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