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Poll: Alliterative Attractive Actresses A through D (a.k.a. Lusciously Lovely Leading Ladies)

Who is the hottest alliteratively named actress in Hollywood? Since we're being alliterative, should we say "lusciously lovely leading lady" instead?

From Bond Girls to Baywatch Babes, from B-movies to blockbusters, from the big screen to the small screen, from swimsuit models to singers... which actress is the most beautiful?

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and there is a lot of beauty to behold here! Watch for later lists of lusciously lovely leading ladies (this is just A through D)!

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Results of 1,117 votes:

  1. 1.

    Amy Adams

    Amy Adams
  2. 2.

    Claudia Cardinale in 8½ (1963)

    Claudia Cardinale
  3. 3.

    "A Very Private Affair" Brigitte Bardot 1961 MGM **I.V.

    Brigitte Bardot
  4. 4.

    Amy Acker at an event for Much Ado About Nothing (2012)

    Amy Acker
  5. 5.

    Courteney Cox in Friends (1994)

    Courteney Cox
  6. 6.
  7. 7.

    Anne Archer in Fatal Attraction (1987)

    Anne Archer
  8. 8.

    Charisma Carpenter

    Charisma Carpenter
  9. 9.

    Cindy Crawford

    Cindy Crawford
  10. 10.

    Dana Delany

    Dana Delany
  11. 11.
  12. 12.

    Claudia Christian

    Claudia Christian
  13. 13.

    Doris Day

    Doris Day
  14. 14.

    Barbi Benton At Home

    Barbi Benton
  15. 15.

    Candace Cameron Bure

    Candace Cameron (maiden name)
  16. 16.

    Cyd Charisse "The Silencers" 2/21/1966 Columbia

    Cyd Charisse
  17. 17.
  18. 18.

    Dorothy Dandridge circa 1954

    Dorothy Dandridge
  19. 19.

    "The Beverly Hillbillies" Donna Douglas circa 1966

    Donna Douglas
  20. 20.

    Barbara Babcock in Star Trek (1966)

    Barbara Babcock
  21. 21.

    "Mission: Impossible" Barbara Bain 1966 CBS

    Barbara Bain
  22. 22.

    Barbara Bates

    Barbara Bates
  23. 23.

    Bonnie Bedelia

    Bonnie Bedelia
  24. 24.

    Diana Dors, 1956.

    Diana Dors
  25. 25.

    Alison Arngrim

    Alison Arngrim
  26. 26.
  27. 27.

    Deanna Durbin circa 1940

    Deanna Durbin
  28. 28.

    Dominique Dunne in Poltergeist (1982)

    Dominique Dunne
  29. 29.

    "Leave It To Beaver" Barbara Billingsley 1957 CBS

    Barbara Billingsley
  30. 30.

    Betty Blythe

    Betty Blythe
  31. 31.

    Dan Aykroyd and Donna Dixon at an event for The 78th Annual Academy Awards (2006)

    Donna Dixon
  32. 32.

    Orin Tucker with Bonnie Baker, 6/1/39.

    Bonnie Baker
  33. 33.


    Bonnie Baker
  34. 34.

    Betty Buckley at an event for The Happening (2008)

    Betty Buckley
  35. 35.

    Bonnie Burroughs

    Bonnie Burroughs

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