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Poll: The Michael Stuhlbarg Face-Off: 'Call Me by Your Name' vs. 'The Post' vs. 'The Shape of Water'

Each of these movies is nominated for the 2018 Oscar for Best Picture, and each feature Michael Stuhlbarg as an important supporting player, performances for which the actor has received much acclaim. Only thirteen credited actors have ever been in three films nominated for Best Picture Oscars in the same year and, since 1943, only one other actor, John C. Reilly, has achieved this triple honor. Which of these three portrayals by Stuhlbarg do you think is best?

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    Michael Stuhlbarg in Call Me by Your Name (2017)

    As Mr. Perlman in 'Call Me by Your Name'
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    Michael Stuhlbarg in The Post (2017)

    As Abe Rosenthal in 'The Post'
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    As Dr. Robert Hoffstetler in 'The Shape of Water'

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