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Poll: Knight Commanders of the Order of the British Empire Actors (pre-1920)

Which of these actors, born no later than 1920, awarded knighthood in the Order of the British Empire during their career is your favorite?

Also vote for your favorite Knight born after 1920 here.

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    Alec Guinness

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    Charles Chaplin

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    John Gielgud

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    Laurence Olivier

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    Anthony Quayle

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    C. Aubrey Smith

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    Cedric Hardwicke

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    Bernard Miles

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    Ralph Richardson

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    John Mills

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    Rex Harrison

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    Bob Hope

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    Douglas Fairbanks Jr.

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    Michael Redgrave

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    Norman Wisdom

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    Michael Hordern

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    Spike Milligan

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    Robert Helpmann

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    Donald Wolfit

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    Noël Coward

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    Seymour Hicks

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    John Clements

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    Godfrey Tearle

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    Felix Aylmer

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    Herbert Beerbohm Tree

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    John Martin Harvey

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    George Robey

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    Gerald du Maurier

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    Nigel Playfair

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    Lewis Casson

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