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Poll: Former or current sport athletes as actors?

There has been a bunch of former, or currently active, sport athletes becoming actors, whether it's a one-time only deal or for the long haul. Which of these do you think is the best?? (Feel free to come up with suggestions if I'm missing anyone worth mentioning)

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    Vinnie Jones

    Gone In 60 Seconds, Eurotrip, X-Man: The Last Stand, The Condemned, Escape Plan
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    Mike Tyson

    Rocky Balboa, The Hangover, How I Met Your Mother, Scary Movie 5
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    Dwayne Johnson

    Scorpion King, The Rundown, Walking Tall, Gridiron Gang, Fast and Furious 5 & 6
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    Steve Austin

    The Longest Yard, The Condemned, The Expendables, Grown Ups 2
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    John Cena

    The Marine, Legendary
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    Michael Jordan

    Space Jam
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    Ray Allen

    He Got Game
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    Joe Namath

    The Last Rebel, The Avalanche Express, The Chattanooga Choo, The Brady Bunch
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    Terry Crews

    White Chicks, The Longest Yard, Get Smart, Gamer
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    Hulk Hogan

    Rocky III
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    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Airplane!, 21 Jump Street
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    Lou Ferrigno

    The Hulk, King of Queens, I Love You Man
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    Bubba Smith

    Police Academy
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    Lawrence Taylor

    Any Given Sunday, Shaft
  15. Vote!

    Jim Brown

    The Running Man, Any Given Sunday
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    Jason Lee

    My Name Is Earl
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    Merlin Olsen

    The Little House on the Prairie
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    Carl Weathers

    Rocky 1-4, Happy Gilmore
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    Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Terminator, Kindergarten Cop, Batman, Predator, The Expendable, Escape Plan
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    Dennis Rodman

    Double Team, Simon Sez
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    Shaquille O'Neal

    Kazaam, Scary Movie 4, Grown Ups 2
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    Mike Henry

    Tarzan, The Longest Yard, Smokey and the Bandit
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    Jason Statham

    The Transporter, Crank, Death Race, The Expendables
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    Chuck Connors

    The Rifleman, Soylent Green
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    Buster Crabbe

    Tarzan The Fearless, Flash Gordon
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    Sonja Henie

    Thin Ice, Second Fiddle, One in a Million
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    Johnny Weissmuller

    Tarzan, Jungle Jim
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    Glenn Jacobs

    See No Evil
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    Dalip Singh

    The Longest Yard, Get Smart, MacGruber
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    Bill Goldberg

    The Longest Yard, Ready to Rumble, Santa's Slay, Half Past Dead 2
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    Kevin Nash

    The Longest Yard, DOA: Dead or Alive, Magic Mike
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    Jesse Ventura

    Predator, The Running Man, Demolition Man, Batman & Robin
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    Dan Marino

    Ace Ventura, Bad Boys II, Holy Man, The Simpsons
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    Hideki Matsui

    Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla
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    Victory, A Minor Miracle, Hotshot

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