Bara's good, but the film sucks!
9 June 1999
This is the first film I have seen starring the notorious Theda Bara, the screen's first vamp. Sadly it is one of only two of her films to survive (what did Fox do with all their silents?). And she's very good. Very attractive (at 40) and tastefully dressed, she plays with humour and strength a wronged woman who becomes a vamp to revenge her husband's infidelity.

But it's not as fun as it sounds - in fact it's all rather grim. And it is the worst possible type of silent film - a chatty one. Long conversations are held in drawing rooms - the actors mouthing the words and then titles revealing what was said. Very boring. After all this was based on a famous play. The only points of visual interest are an enormous peacock dress in a nightclub scene, a magnificent fantasy Venice by moonlight, and Bara herself.
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