Forgotten thriller
8 October 2002
Warning: Spoilers
Claude Rains plays Victor Grandison--a mild-mannered man who tells spooky tales over the radio and, in his spare time, kills anyone who stands in his way of an inheritance. Good thriller opens with a really scary murder and keeps right on going. The script is sharp and tight with many twists and turns. All the acting is good--especially by Rains and Audrey Totter as a bitchy niece. The cast also includes two of the handsomest men in Hollywood in 1947--Hurd Hatfield (who made films into the 90s) and Michael North (who completely disappeared after this film). Director Michael Curtiz uses shadow and light very effectively and reflection of people (especially Rains). Great climatic chase too. Well worth seeing. It seems that this movie has been forgotten which is a real shame--it's one of the best film noirs from Hollywood.
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