A surprisingly good watch
6 November 2002
Warning: Spoilers

Straightforward murder mystery with an extra special cast. Rains is a "Suspense"-type radio host (all of whose broadcasts seem to run for 5 minutes) who manipulates his lovely ward (Caulfield) and her cousin (Totter, at her vinegary best) in a game of death where every inhabitant of their old house is a pawn.

Fantastic photography, particularly in the interlocking lattices that create more tension towards the end of the film. Rains is perfect as the droll host with murder up his sleave, and Michael North makes an impressive entry as a man who passes himself off as Caulfield's husband to discover the murderer of his friend, only to fall in love with his pretend wife!

Good melodrama; both me and my girlfriend were pleasantly surprised that this turned out to be such a quality little movie, and although it's not on DVD or video as far as I know, it's worth watching for on TCM.
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