Hooo Boy
13 April 2003
What a pretentious load of crap. Made in the late Sixties, Newley must have drugged everyone's food at the studio to get the okay on this. From the opening scene where he and his two children are wearing incredibly Over-sized sunglasses - you know there will be no subtlety at all. He shove so much symbolism into this mess - the sad clown with the heart on his chest, the image of himself with no face, the virgin on the merryground, I mean - pleeeease! My bizarre cinema group can watch ANYTHING and I do mean anything, usually the more awful the better, but this film is in a class by itself - it's so bad, it's just....bad. Yes, you can laugh at the Swingin' Sixties camera work and clothes and horrid cameos by Milton Berle and georgie jessel but really, Ed Wood's worst are more entertaining this. Whew!!!
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