Did I miss something? "Temple" seems fine to me...(minor spoilers)
26 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
Most people seem to dislike (in some cases, even hate) the second chapter of the Indiana Jones series. I have to ask them, why is this so?

A lot of people seem to harp on Willie Scott as annoying. She's SUPPOSED to be annoying - Indie and Short Round react plenty of times to Willie's screaming and complaining. Not every female on a movie screen has to be an assertive "grrl-power" fighting machine. In fact, I'd wager that many people, male or female, would react the same way to the crazy stuff that happens in "Temple" (hey, fall from a building, get chased by gangsters, get fed monkey brains, and fall from a suspension bridge, and you'll be screaming, too!).

The movie moves along at a great pace, has plenty of exciting set-pieces (a wild nightclub fight, a freefall from a plane into a river, a crazy mine car chase, the aforementioned huge suspension bridge, etc.), and certainly "feels" like an Indiana Jones movie. Harrison Ford is in great shape here and has jumped into his character with all the experience of "Raiders". The fighting is more natural and less stilted than "Raiders," and that scene where Indy cuts the bridge is really, really cool.

I won't go as far to say that "Temple" is the best of the series (IMHO that honor goes to "Raiders" for its overall originality and plot, as well as for the score), but it's certainly worthy of the Indiana Jones name.
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