11 April 2004
In 1997, there will be a nuclear war. Skynet, a computer, becomes self-aware and the machines dominate the world. Humans suffer from their ruling immensely. But one man teaches the rest of them how to fight back and they eventually win. His name is John Connor.

Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), a young, gentle waitress who lives in 1984 has become the target of termination, and a cyborg called The Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger) has been sent from 2029 to assassinate her, so the existence of her unborn son, John Connor, will be entirely wiped out. One soldier, Kyle Reese (Michael Biehn) has also been sent from the future by John Connor to protect Sarah. Now The Terminator is out there, after Sarah, and her life is about to be changed forever...

For the film industry, 'The Terminator' is very inspiring, regarding its special effects and even the idea of time travel- 'Twelve Monkeys''s concept upon time travel and what eventually happens to the hero is very similar to the one of 'The Terminator'. For 1984, the visual effects are amazing. Although the second and the third Terminator flicks have even more powerful technology, this one is still the most original among the three. The action scenes are stunning, the suspense is always there, quite spine-chilling, and surprisingly, there is even romantic chemistry- which is rather interesting. AND the acting is good. Not to mention the dazzling directing by James Cameron- highly recommended.
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