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11 April 2002
Molly Dodd was NBC's attempt to recreate the success of Mary Tyler Moore. That attempt has been made over and over and over again but usually with little success. Ally McBeal is Fox's attempt and it's working. It takes a single career woman and a cool ensemble cast, add the quirks that MTM actually brushed on at times (and Molly Dodd totally did in a not unsimilar way) and you have the modern day MTM.

Molly Dodd was on the air I believe two years on NBC before Lifetime picked it up. It was in the first years of Lifetime becoming a women's network so getting ratings had to be tough.

In the NBC years of Molly Dodd, it was just awesome. I will never forget David Strathairn giving her his shoe as a present when he came back from Alaska or somewhere.... very nuts. The show had a lot of quirk.

And let me tell you something. Don't let the camera fool you regarding Blair Brown. I've met her and she is one of the most beautiful women you can imagine. Cameras sometimes do odd things to facial features... believe me, she's not hurting. :)
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