Review of Grey Owl

Grey Owl (1999)
Buckskin beatitudes
30 May 2001
The only way a writer could present the conservationist case in the economic slump of the 1930s was by masquerading as primitive man. The story of Grey Owl is a fresh angle on the 20th century's game with the image and reality of the American native. He is also a case study in the way the UK mass media build up celebrities only to tear them down, like the old pagan gods of the year. His story also vibrates with the long-hairs of the 1960s, who had never heard of him, but found the identical vocation. If you don't care about that, this is a fine love story, and account of an identity crisis, in which a man resigns his pride to his woman, only to find that he has won the throne of her heart.
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