Piece of Cake (1988)
Seen it some years ago
17 October 2000
I saw this series some years ago. First I didn't like that there were modern Spitfires with four-bladed props (lately I've heard that there were Hurricanes in the book). But, then I felt the realism and saw the powerful scenes where the pilots are lost one at a time in the air. There are many powerful scenes on the ground as well not to be forgotten.

It's a story about a group of men that changes totally. We have the serious people like "Fitz" and "Flip" We have the serious man who becomes a maniac "Flash" We have the chicken man who refuse to fly "Pip" We have the responsible leader "Fanny" And we also have a person who never changes "Moggy" and many more and new faces in part 5,6.

I give this series 10(10) it's worth it.
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