The Jack Bull (1999 TV Movie)
Mirror image of Michael Kohlhaas.
25 November 2002
Jack Bull was a great movie. It had a little bit of everything. At first I thought the movie was going to be a little boring, but ¼ of the way through it I started to know every character and care for them. John Cusack was great in this movie. He depicted Michael Kohlhaas very well, with a western twist. Myrl Redding was a horse dealer who was on his way to an auction to sell them. He encountered Ballard, who pretty much had the whole town in his pocket, who wants to charge a tariff to anyone passing through his land. Redding feels the law was not upheld when he tries to take Ballard to court. Because Ballard has the town, and all the high officials, in his control, he is able to sway the issue. Myrl is furious and starts to take matters into his own hands. He makes his own law, not because he failed the law but because the law failed him. He raids Ballard's camp and burns it. Ballard escapes alone. Myrl is like any other American, in the fact that he wants the law upheld and justified. Also, like any other person, he wants revenge and justice. Nobody wants to live somewhere where the law and all the justices are not upheld. Myrl seeks justice which is not out of the question. Myrl's case is brought to Judge Taliver, who is located in the town of Shyan. Myrl seeks justice and Judge Taliver will be the one who gives him justice. Taliver is fair, but is fair to both sides. He will hear both sides of the dispute. Myrl will receive justice in his heart, and Ballard will receive justice for what happened to him and his accusations. Over all, Jack Bull was a good reflection of the story of Michael Kahlhaas. Although the setting takes place in Germany, in the 15th century, the main theme is upheld. The setting for Jack Bull takes place in 1890, in young Wyoming.
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