Mostly Martha (2001)
Everything "Chocolat" should have been! (Not a Spoiler)
23 July 2004
Warning: Spoilers
In my opinion, Mostly Martha possessed all of the ambient factors required to deliver a really good Romantic Dramedy. It was the total package, sensual, sensuous and most importantly it contained several dramatic elements that were genuinely entertaining. The film was superbly cast and directed. I was completely enchanted by Martina Gedeck's role as Martha, which was based primarily on emotional development and adult growth toward maturity. Sergio Castellitto, (Mario), was humorous passionate and seemed to displayed some of the improvisational qualities that are reflective of, dare I say, the incomparable Roberto Benigni. If there was a short coming in terms of the writing for a particular character in this film it was that of Lena, Martha's eight-year-old niece. Maxime Foerste did an above average job her portrayal of a traumatized child. She simply wasn't as dysfunctional as I anticipated based on the background activity in Martha's initial telephone conversation with her sister. Mostly Martha was a pleasant surprise, particularly based to the fact that the film didn't receive a great deal of hype or critical acclaim. If you're prone to enjoy this kind of flick and don't mind the foreign language aspect then you should really enjoy this one.
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