The Bouncer (2000 Video Game)
19 October 2003
One of the first games unleashed on us who owned a PS2 was going to a title named "The bouncer", it was going to combine the beat them ups with RPG elements. Seemed like a cool idea, 2001 came with the release of PS2 and soon after "the Bouncer" came at us....

The problem with "The Bouncer" is that is not deep at all. Sqaure thought that just throwing in some RPG elements such as learning new moves by gaining points was going to fool us. It doesn't, it just made us see how Sqaure fooled us and that the game was short and nothing like Square would put out. The game itself is not bad, the action is pretty cool. They did deliver us action as promised and it doesn't fail in that department. No joke, I beat this game in a hour and was really upset on how short it was. Okay, I am not complaing on how short it was but the game is not deep at all. beat bad guys up, move on. the story though wasn't that bad for something like this. the characters were cool with their unique figthing styles, the moves were carefully planned out. See, the game does have its points but after you beat it once you will have no use to play it again. You have seen everything and there is nothing hidden and it is over then you can say "Square lied to us". But if you enjoy games like Final Fight and Streets of Rage definately pick this one up, you will not be upset. Unless you want to play to players at the same time in adventure mode which doesn't exist. But other then that you will like it, but people who want something liek Square would usually put out will be let down...

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