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Dudes (2001)
Brilliant entertainment!
11 October 2002
Reading the previous comments I am a bit surprised by people who claim that this movie would appeal only to viewers from ex-Yugoslavia. I've seen this movie during this year's Film Festival in Warsaw, Poland. And it was extremely entertaining evening, people applauded many times during the movie, laughing all the way through. This reminded me of a similar mood and life-style in POland in early 90's after the end of Communism - when first ravers organized underground parties which then turned into techno and d'n'b scene. Maybe I feel some affinity with this movie cause I'm also Slavic and former heavy party-goer, but I believe that this movie could sell well in e.g. London, Paris or New York. True, it is hedonistic-pure trip, but well-acted (particularly older actors and a main hero in glasses and raver-hat). After the screening the audience had an opportunity to meet the director - a fan of Partizan Belgrad actually and not Crvena Zvezda represented by Dulan Savic in the movie. The movie was shot digital and then transferred to 35 mm. It cost just 30,000, unbelievable - return on investment should be probably calculated in thousands of percent! If you want to see not-politically charged movie from former Yogoslavia - this is a really good choice. Absolutely recommended, and not only to panters!
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