Final Fantasy X-2 (2003 Video Game)
A new for the series and very well done
20 March 2004
Well there is alot of new, never done before stuff for a final fantasy game. For example: Its the first to have a female leading character, also the on the fly job system(known as the garmet grid) where the girls not only change jobs but also change the outfit they have on(often very sexy clothing), and other new things that I won't dwell on. this is also a love story so to speak(yuna hunting for her lost love), and I know what some of you are thinking "how can a sappy love story be fun," well it is... I love this game, I mean come on.... whats not to like, 3 sexy women in flattering attire traveling the world killing things. I know that the plot may not interest some but I loved it.
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