Visually Stunning, Mind Blowing Anime
6 May 2003
Intelligence and Anime rarely coincide. In fact I've never met one that had both. There is intriguing Anime, thought provoking, but Lain is actually intelligent Anime.

First off let me emphasize you are not meant to fully understand this series. You're meant to interpret it by seeing the views displayed. Second, this series takes the border between fantasy and reality and kills it. Over, and over, and over.

Lain is a series that is simply about anything we encounter in life, from society to government secrets. Some people may be jarred and confused as some of the episodes have little to do with the others. It wraps up nicely with an oddly viewed display of thoughts on religion, as well as human existance.

You can't really say this is a bad or good series, either way, your mind will be blown.
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