Pure Camp
1 May 2005
SpaceMaster X7 was both one of the best SciFi movies I watched as a kid, and one of the worst. How can I say that you may ask? Well, for the best part it had a profound affect on my psyche (is this a good thing). Whenever I saw something that looked a little odd, like a patch of mold growing along the brick of our house, I immediately thought of BloodRust and went screaming inside! Since this movie was the 2nd half of a double feature, and was never put into syndication, I had only seen it one time(unlike other 1950s SciFi movies that were shown continually on television during the 70s, 80s, 90s, and even now). Therefore, over the years, my imagination added a lot to what I remembered about this movie. When I finally found a copy being sold on the internet, I grabbed it up. Boy, what a disappointment. This movie is pure doo doo. Oh well, chock another one up to childhood imagination.
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