Rabbit Fire (1951)
even more classic than the Abbot & Costello "Who's on First" bit, works for all ages
25 July 2005
One of the creme de la creme of the Looney Tunes cartoons (almost overplayed when I was a kid, though never under-valued by me), Rabbit Fire is the cartoon that puts a different kind of edge on the cartoon form- it's funny, but almost in a satirical way. This is the kind of stuff that almost shouldn't be funny for kids, but more for adults; if not for the randomness of it all, the banter might go over their heads completely.

Although I always thought of this episode as one unto itself and not part of a "trilogy" as I have read, this is definitely the most popular of the three, as I remember practically every line by memory. Elmer is having his Jonesin' for 'Hunting Wabbits', and gets perpetually mixed up as Bugs and Daffy have a back and forth over 'Duck season...rabbit season'. There's one scene involving cross-character dressing that is the key gag in the short, and it always keeps me cracking up. The last moment, in a way, is kind of deep. Who knows what season it is for hunting anyone, anyway? It's a little classic in the world of hand-drawn insanity, and one of only several times Daffy Duck has worked perfectly in a three-piece grouping.
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