Final Fantasy X-2 (2003 Video Game)
Call me crazy but....I actually liked it people!
1 October 2005
I had never before even thought about playing a FF game in my life. That was until this one came out. It's not like the rest of them I'll assure you of that, well except X. There were parts in the dialog where I was like 'what the hell' and others i almost fell out of my chair laughing. That was mostly whenever Paine or Rikku said something funny(or stupid) I loved the characters, some though I wanted to find on the business end of Paine's rather large sword. But I liked the characterization of YRP, Yuna matured, Rikku...somewhat, but Paine I think 'grew' the most. There were, I'll admit,some questions in the story line that I would have liked to have answered. Some say there were too many side missions that had nothing to do with the plot when in fact: THEY DID! OK so the monkey thing...Stupid, boring, i could go on and on about that one. But other things led you deeper into the original thing.

So in short: Love the game, Love the plot (so sweet), and Love YRP.

And if you think this game is sexist ladies (or gents)...grow up! I'm a girl and I love it (just ignore the costumes like i do (Lady Luck dressphere must burn!)

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