Hands down best Christmas movie of all time
12 December 2005
I first saw this movie shortly after it came out. It was back in the mid 80's. I remember watching it and loving it and telling my Mom about it. We've watched it almost every year since. Its kind of a sad story in a way but its so good. I can't explain why i like it so much. It just warms your heart. Harry Dean Stanton does a great job as Gideon, the Christmas Angel and Mary Steenburgen as the Mom who doesn't believe in Christmas is great. The best performance is Jan Rubes as Santa Claus. He is in my opinion the best interpretation of Santa Claus I've ever seen. I recommend that everyone watch this movie, its been 20 years and I'm still enjoying watching it every year. It isn't Christmas for me until I've watched this movie.
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