Review of Contempt

Contempt (1963)
Typical Godard
15 January 2006
If you a fan of Godard films then you may think this is one of the best films you've ever seen, but if you think that he is just a purveyor of pretentious rubbish then maybe you aught to take up self harming because i'm sure its far more entertaining than Le Mépris.

There is nothing particularly wrong with the film as the acting is strong, but it is just mind numbingly boring. I have heard many people rave about his use of colour, for example the green of the garden is supposed to signify Jealousy, but in my eyes it is only average. If you are interested in seeing some french cinema from this era then I recommend anything by Truffaut or Renoir. IF you choose Godard and the film isn't Breathless (the only worthwhile piece of cinema he ever made) then be prepared for pain, because you'll be stabbing yourself through the hand with the nearest pen just to alleviate the boredom.
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