*Decides Emo is the way to go and ends life*
14 March 2006
Now, I did view this film at a bad movie festival wherein all are encouraged to join and appreciate the horrors that have arisen. This film went overboard.

Keep in mind that this event, B-fest (as in B movies), has a hardcore following of fans at Northwestern University and many people come from all over the country to have fun. These are people, myself included, who watch terrible films and come mentally prepared for the ordeal. The 24 hour event seemed to be going well until in the 9th hour Merkin began playing.

The innocently short film gives no impression of the horrors that await the viewer. We had come here for bad films, but not a single person's psyche in the theater was able to handle Merkin. Usually people poke fun at the film, pointing out foolish lines or simple mistakes and making jokes. This film caused an eruption of noise. People were threatening violence it was so bad. I recall the scene where Merkin is singing while in a white robe on the edge of a cliff, the ENTIRE audience began chanting JUMP! and didn't stop until the end of the song by which our throats were sore and Merkin was still alive, having paid no heed to our pleas.

This film caused so much anger and rage that the the people running the movie actually had to stop the film in the middle, and put on a short so we could all have a breather. The groans and screams were unbelievable as the film was put back on after the ten minute short was over.

I would suggest seeing this film with several friends who have no idea what they are in for, another requisite for this would have to be that you are a sadistic person who enjoys watching others suffer. If you do not match these requirements then DO NOT SEE THIS.
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