Star Trek: All Our Yesterdays (1969)
Season 3, Episode 23
Another time travel storyline
25 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In this episode the Enterprise visits a library on a world whose sun is about to explode - presumably to transport anyone who is there to safety. When they arrive they find only a single strange little man, Mr Atoz, who is the librarian who has apparently already transported everyone else (via their world's Octavatron time transporter device) except himself to other time periods to live out the remainder of their lives. He mistakes Kirk, McCoy and Spock for stragglers and they mistakenly get transported to other time periods also. Kirk goes to a medieval time and Spock and McCoy go to a prehistoric frozen time - together. But there is a problem. The three haven't been "prepared" for the transfer so they have to get back somehow - which they manage to do by finding the time-space "holes" they came through from the library. Kirk barely escapes being burned as a witch and Spock falls in love with the previously transported and now very lonely Mariette Hartley character and eats "animal flesh" as he begins to revert to his barbaric, ancestral behavior. Fortunately, McCoy talks sense back into Spock (nearly getting cold-cocked by Spock in the process) and they all get back to the library in time for Mr Atoz to go through the Octavatron and the three heroes to get back to the Enterprise and outta there in time. Spock has to leave the woman he loves in the prehistoric past and all alone since her "preparation" for the Octavatron has rendered her unable to return back to the library again. Final scene back on deck of the Enterprise has Spock unusually somber and McCoy somewhat awkwardly understanding of him while Kirk is clueless about Spock's mood. Spock insists that he will be OK since, he reminds McCoy, those few minutes ago were in reality eons ago and "she" is now long since dead. Nevertheless says McCoy, "It did happen Spock". Episode thus ends with much to ponder for all.
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