Seen it in the 60's, but can't remember lots of it.
4 October 2006
There is one scene where Newley lines up lots of girls, but one is a boy, and he didn't care. That was the first time I'd had ever seen such honesty on screen. I love women, the bane and the bare of mens lives, but occasionally - a boy? Yes, no complications.

I'd like to see this film again, if only for Newley himself, but also to see Brusey boy back then. And to remind myself that I HAVE TO LIVE IN A WORLD FULL OF FOOLS!

Fools, dumb people, the people you meet every day. Take my girlfriend, I gave her 1984 to read. The most important book in political history. The first week she read the first page. The second week she read the first page again. The next day she moved the book from the living room into her bed room. That's progress!

Newley was bright. As a new born pin!
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