Action slugfest without any inspiration
31 January 2007
This was a really disappointing movie. It totally lacked the intricate plot of the first one, substituting it with violent action galore. Not only did the continuing fighting scenes get boring after some time, but they were also relying on cheap shock effects adding nothing to the oh so thin story. It's a shame that the makers did not have the courage to add to the complicated storyline the first movie provided.

There were a whole bunch of question marks left after the film finally ended, but I did not care. One vampire could do this, the other vampire could do that, no consistency at all in what the races were able to perform - as long as the shock effect was guaranteed, any character could do just what came into the mind of the director.

If not for Kate Beckinsale looking great and getting out of her suit in one scene (hot!), this movie would not be worth watching at all. A real letdown after the really well done first movie.
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