Great war film about the Battle of Mogadishu 1993
3 April 2007
This is one of the best war film that i have ever seen!, Ridley Scott made a great work bringing to screen the events of the battle of Mogadishu in 1993, with an incredible cinematography, sound and scenes that surely will make you live the cruel facts behind a guerrilla and street war in the third world with military and innocent casualties. Scott manages to show a very human and real side of the best elite forces teams of the US, the Rangers and the Delta Forces, and keeping the historical facts without modifications. Really great to see if you like war, historical or epic battle films!

The film shows the events in Mogadishu Somalia in 1993, where a group of elite forces of the United States and the United Nations constructed an military operation with the objective of capture the warlord Mohamed Farrah Aidid; in one of the operations (code name Irene) where they have to capture as prisoners some important members of the Militia, they face and fight a huge number of Somali fighters, heavily armed and with guerrilla tactics that puts high resistance to this elite forces.

With a great casting that includes Josh Hartnett (Eversmann), Ewan McGregor (Grimes), Tom Sizemore (Sgt McKnight), Eric Banna (Hoot), William Fichtner (Sanderson), Orlando Bloom (Blackburn), Jason Isaacs (Steele) among others.

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