A great, great film - Cukor at his best.
29 July 2007
A late work of one of the greatest Hollywood filmmakers, George Cukor. This film is utterly devastating. The austere light and shadow, the brilliant and thoughtful color schemes, the tight framing that is characteristic of Cukor (and that, in the interview scenes, is simply suffocating, especially in Naomi's) combine to create images that somehow seem representative of the inner psyches of the characters. And oh so rarely in cinema do we feel so strongly the thoughts and worlds of the characters that are being shown on the screen. Cukor was one of the greatest directors of actors (want proof? see Hepburn in "Sylvia Scarlett"). The whole film is amazing, but the Naomi interview scene so wonderfully "sums up" much of what is special about Cukor's cinema (pay close attention to something she *does* early in the interview). This is a beautiful film...
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