Mostly Martha (2001)
Not appetizing at all
10 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Bella Martha doesn't convince me. Martha, the frustrated top cook, is out of place in this role. As are the unreal clean kitchens, settings and props. No stains, no live, no love. The cooking doesn't make you wanna eat. The cast is so polished they are almost like window dressing dolls. When the little niece is in hospital she wears the make-up of a woman on a night out. Martha's counterpart is an insanely optimistic cliché Italian, who had to be dubbed (which is badly done). Then there is the incredible story of the rebellious niece who loses her mother (Martha's sister) and who is handed over to an totally unknown Italian father as if it were an Ebay-trade. Then there is the pointless appearances of next door neighbor Sam. Of course there is an happy ending after 90 boring minutes, In style with the movie: not convincing at all.
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