Rains Shines
14 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
You just can't beat Claude Rains.....no matter how insignificant a film may be, Rains can be counted on to give a dynamic performance. This film is a showcase for his talents. Although not a handsome man, he has great charm and elegance. He doesn't disappoint here as a popular radio star whose public persona hides a very dark side. He is intent on being the recipient of the inheritance of his niece and ward, played by Joan Caulfield. A rather complex and somewhat overwrought plot leads us through his machinations to the end which doesn't come out exactly as he planned.

The cast in this film is top drawer, although Caulfield is a bit colorless as the put-upon niece. Audrey Totter is magnificent as an acid tongued member of the family who wouldn't mind getting her hands on some of the loot as well. Hurd Hatfield (Picture of Dorian Gray) is her alcoholic husband but unfortunately doesn't have a lot to do. Jack Lambert does his "I am so evil" turn as Rain's henchman and as usual does it well. Fred Clark makes an all too brief appearance as a detective. Constance Bennett, past her days as a star, is appealing as the secretary on a mission.

"The Unsuspected" is a tight little film, which might stretch credibility just a bit but is still quite enjoyable. Hey, it's got Claude Rains as the star so how can you go wrong?
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