Varg Veum - Bitre blomster/ Bitter flowers!
18 October 2007
Finally it's happened! Varg Veum is now a part of movie history!

This first movie is quite good.

It keeps a nice flow of suspense and has good locations. The actors are doing a good job!

Trond Espen Seim is very cool as Varg Veum! (Thou it would have been fun with a 20 year younger Helge Jordal = Orions Belte!!) Bjørn Floberg is powerful on the screen, when he talks everybody listens!

Great camera-work, and a very nice music score, that builds up the suspense of the movie! Would have been fun if there had been a cameo of Varg Veums Creator Gunnar Staalesen, in all the movies! You know, like Hitchcock!

Varg Veum will Return!!
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