DuMont: The Next Anthony Perkins?
3 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I found The Cellar Door to be rather interesting and I will admit it captured my attention to almost the very end. I sensed the storyline was well played out and with all of the scenes appearing believable other than the contrived unbreakability of the movie's most viewed prop. The cage was constructed of a weak ceiling of very thin wood and without a wire mesh that in reality could have easily been kicked out. Toward the story's end is where the timing and the series of events destroys whatever greatness the movie could ever attain. That timing and procedure goes from good to ridiculous. The most notably poor scene being when the girlfriend strikes the perpetrator over the head with a bat. At that point, in light of the severity of what had already happened, it would only stand to reason the girlfriend should have struck him more than once in that particular region. But, that would have ended the movie too abruptly, right? So, I would think the scene should have never been shot in the first place. As well, I would assume some other totally different finale could have been concocted instead.

I must say James DuMont plays an excellent psycho "perp". So much so the movie just may stereo-cast him as such.
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