Rabbit Fire (1951)
The first of the "Hunting Trilogy".
12 June 2008
Looney Tunes made three episodes where Daffy tries to make Elmer shoot Bugs Bunny, so he cannot be shot himself (in each episode it is REALLY Duck season). This is the first of the three, the ones to follow are "Rabbit Seasoning" and "Duck Rabbit Duck!" This is my personal favourite of the hunting trilogy, because I prefer the animation and the jokes to the other two. Elmer is a strangely likable character whom many viewers of this cartoon will love and Daffy, despite being cruel, does not behave as cruelly as he does in the rest of the trilogy, or in some of his later episodes.

If you are familiar with Elmer Fudd, you will probably know that in this episode he is hunting rabbits. Daffy leads him (in an intelligent way) to Bugs' burrow and tries to make Elmer shoot Bugs, but ends up shooting Daffy instead. The jokes are very clever and if this is your first episode with Daffy, Elmer and Bugs, you will, very likely, find this incredibly amusing.

I recommend this to people who like episodes where Daffy is more crafty than crazy and if you like slapstick in Looney Tunes at least a little bit. Enjoy "Rabbit Fire"! :-)
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