Star Trek: Enterprise (2001–2005)
Great entry into the Star Trek universe
14 July 2008
I am a fan of Star Trek (the original series TOS), and the Next Generation. This entry into the universe of Star Trek delves back into the original vision of its creator. It is interesting getting a retrospective look at the foundations of Star Fleet and what becomes the United Federation of Planets. We see the development of relations between the Vulcans and Humans, and the introductions of a number of classic cultures from TOS, as well as TNG.

I believe this brings Rodenberry's original vision back as it is more idealistic, as was his initial vision. Obviously, much of this won't be nearly as ground breaking as we live in a different time, but there are still the undertones of dealing with racism, fair play, and doing the right thing that we had in TOS.

The series overall features great plots, excellent characters, and a good ensemble cast. The situations they end up in are believable and play well in the established Trek universe. They even finally give an explanation as to why the Klingons had no bumps on their foreheads in TOS, something they only eluded to in DS9. The notable exception is season three, which deals with the Xindi, and some sort of expanse which is not in the established universe. As the entire year dealt with that, it was a bit difficult to swallow. It was also much further away form the idealism which is at the heart of Star Trek, similar to how the Borg are for Picard and the Enterprise in TNG.

The final episode is also a major disappointment. Instead of writing a quality finale, which the production team had ample time to prepare, they essentially turned it into an episode of TNG, with Riker and Troi visiting the holodeck. This was a very weak and disrespectful way to end a great show which stood up just fine on its own.

It was a disappointment that the show was canceled after only 4 years, where most of the other Treks had lasted 7. The show was far better than most other shows on TV at that time, and held its own amongst Trek fans. Perhaps general audiences had had enough Trek after 18 straight years of it on TV, and films.

Enterprise is almost as good as TNG and TOS, but better than Voyager and DS9. Well worth putting into your cue.
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