Excellent acting, writing, directing - a touching morality tale.
6 August 2008
I've been an extra on over a dozen movies and this is the one I'm most proud to have participated in. Although it is a bit predictable, that doesn't lessen its emotional impact and touching story.

Lisa Pepper gives a subtle and effective performance. This is the first Michael Landon, Jr. film I've seen and he's an even better director than his father.

Elliot Gould gives a fresh spin to what could have been a cliché -- the hard-bitten news editor. His gentle humor makes the role more than it would have been in lesser hands.

The kids manage to be cute, while avoiding diabetes inducing sweetness.

If you are looking for a family film with unusual depth and feeling -- this one of the best.

I also highly recommend the DVD for it's interesting and insightful features.
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