horrible cheesy arse jive as all get out movie with Benetton ad cast in a wine cooler ad texture just add shaky cam!
26 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
so interminable! why in the hell did we have to watch so many of the dances following the wedding. ooh now they're getting' Funkay!! now they're feelin the world beat! now they're doing the "she's too fat for me" polka! oh wait I guess there was no polka. I took a few bathroom breaks during this film cause it I couldn't bear it. there was a whole set of non characters whose names we didn't even know who were just there as some kind of wallpaper to show off how 'cool' this rich family is because oh wow they've from absolutely every color of the rainbow. so much hokey scentimentality. and the dishwasher loading scene was just so stupid and then ... oh no! someone forgot to throw away the little dead tykes designer plate and it gets stacked and in a flash the whole party atmosphere is dissipated how contrived how embarrassing how can they make movies like this. Clearly those making this film thought they were making another "the celebration" (not a favorite of mine, but this movie makes it look like a masterpiece). they weren't.
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