The Andy Griffith Show: The Pickle Story (1961)
Season 2, Episode 11
One of my favorites
9 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This may contain spoilers. Although someone posted that this episode contains deception and trickery, it is still very funny. It is the first episode I think of when I think of this show. Yes, you have to suspend belief: normally Andy would never deceive or involve Opie in anything underhanded. He only does in this episode so Opie won't "get sick again" and they won't hurt Aunt Bee's feelings. Even Opie understands this. BUT later in the episode, when Andy learns the pickle contest is important, he rectifies the deception. The thing I find hard to believe is that the same Aunt Bee who cooks the delicious pies, cakes, fried chicken and other southern foods that everyone raves about makes horrible pickles (and awful marmalade) It seems like she can cook extremely well, but can't "put up" or preserve food. It doesn't matter. What matters is that this episode shows off the excellent writing of the show and the incredible talent of Don Knotts. The scene where he and Andy are replacing the terrible homemade pickles with good ole storebought pickles is hysterical. And the looks on their faces as they force themselves to eat all 8 quarts of pickles is priceless. All I know is that watching this episode makes me want to go to my fridge and pull out a good ole storebought pickle.
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