Kept Looking At My Watch
21 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
First of all the title is very misleading. It should be titled: "Kym at Rachel's Wedding." It is much more about Kym so why not be honest? Others have covered some complaints I also had. Did anyone say, "It's a good film from which to learn details of a dysfunctional family? If you come from one you don't need to see this movie--this is a rehash of your own hell house! In other words, what could be learned from watching all these mixed up people?"

One reviewer loved the a capella Neil Young song during the vows. It was about YOUNG'S attraction for a waitress in a diner. Couldn't the groom have found or written a song that described HIS feelings? And I really did look at my watch during the twenty minute wedding party scene of legs and butts. And I looked at the audience, the walls, back at the rear at the box where the projector was projecting.

I also lost it when Kym gives her self-centered talk during a couple toast. Anger creeps in and self-pity. But then she rights the ship and says some gracious things. I got the feeling that Kym won out at that moment leaving the group relieved. It is then that Rachel reacts the opposite way--remembering only the first half of the toast and rubbing Kym's face in her shortcomings. After that I didn't care if a meteor fell on the entire property.
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