Promising story, ruined by an Idiotic blend of people
1 April 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Sorry, don't want to offend anyone or seem un "PC" but this movie is nuts. It is a good enough premise, rich gal ends up in rehab after years of abuse and is released so she can attend her sisters wedding. This has promise, and then it is just blown to shreds by super weak story that never explains ANYTHING!!! We are lead to believe that Anne Hathaway's character "Kym" (who the hell spells it like that anyway?) is a pill abuser as she mentions it a few times, and because of this she is high and drives her little brother off a bridge and he drowns. That basically is all the back story we get on her cycle of abuse. We are never told how long this went on, how it affected everyone, or any other important background info to really make us care about Kym. Now, if that is not bad enough it only gets worse from there. The wedding takes place at Kym's fathers home in Connecticut, however the level of diversity at the wedding is ridiculous and annoying. First off, Rachel is marrying Sydney who is black. That's fine except the wedding has a Indian motif which is odd being that Sydney is black and clearly not an Indian. But that does not stop the wedding party from wearing Indian inspired clothing, what the hell is that all about? And the fact that no one touches on the fact that this is bizarre makes it even more annoying. Then we have of course a wacky Asian couple to increase diversity, along with a wandering band that is constantly playing at all times. I loved it when someone finally told them to stop, that was the best part of the movie. It was about time to shut those idiots up. Then we of course get to the wedding that continued this circus from hell. The wedding was crazy with all ethnic groups represented except hispanics which is hard to understand as hispanics are the largest minority group in the US now. Then we treated to a vast array of wild and wacky world music. Now, not to sound racist, but if someone from another country saw this they would think this is how the US is. Well, it simply isn't. Most families have some multi cultural aspects to them, but this is ridiculous. The truth is, most people in the US would agree that this family is weird and the wedding was even weirder. I could go on and on, but what is the point? This movie is too long, too boring, and a waste of time with no ending. Nuf said.
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