Light It Up (1999)
This Movie Was Unrealistic And Exaggerted!
17 August 2009
Warning: Spoilers
How many schools have lighting that inadequate for students during that time period? When did this movie take place? 1952? Why did Rosario Dawson's character get caught up with those rebels if she is so intelligent. I believe there are principals as rude and disrespectful as principal Armstrong. But where were the assistant principals? Why did a school with over 2500 students have just one security guard? Why didn't Robert Richard's character report being abused by his father to a social worker instead of shooting the security guard? Why was Sarah Gilbert's character caught up with that crowd if she was pregnant? Why did Usher's character take out his anger from his father being killed on the security guard? Why did the fired teacher come back to help? What was the point of Fredro Starr's character? In real life, this hostage situation would have been resolved much sooner and all students that were involved would have been charged as adults.
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