The Protectors (2009–2010)
A thrilling ride with potential for greatness
24 September 2009
It's a shame that this excellent danish production hasn't even got five votes on this site yet. It deserves praise and attention for being just as exciting as your average American action-series, but unlike them remaining firmly rooted in reality, in everyday life situations. The structure of two episode arcs, first one ending on a cliffhanger and second one giving closure to the storyline while setting up the next works excellent, and all technical aspects are incredible.

But what really brought me in was the characters. They are an interesting group, really fleshed out with their strengths and flaws, making them real people. I also really liked that the show is centered around body guards, since the whole concept of that profession is deeply fascinating, both on a philosophical, ethical and practical level. It's a fresh angle on the tiered cop story, dealing with the same issues but coming in from a different perspective, constantly in the middle of everything. Also the relationship forming between a body guard and his or her "object", as they refer to their clients, is highly interesting and is a fold for great stories. Although to be honest, in this production they underplay this to leave room for more dramatic, action filled plot lines with high tech surveillance and chasing snipers on rooftops. Which is thrilling and pleasing for the eye, but they have set the scene for great emotional depth, and so far not really delivered. I will keep watching though, hopefully it will develop over the course of the series.

On a side note, frankly I'm surprised that there aren't more movies and shows about bodyguards (that disastrous thing with Whitney Huston aside). As a center of a story it has all the potential in the world.
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