"I'm not looking at you, I'm seeing you...for the first time!"
2 October 2009
Good-looking but tired noir concoction, adapted from a book by Charlotte Armstrong, surely to be one of the most forgettable titles on the resume of director Michael Curtiz! Young woman thought to be lost at sea returns home alive, not remembering the man she supposedly married but very much aware of the tension in the manor she shares with her relatives. Meanwhile, her debonair uncle, a radio celebrity who spins murder mysteries, is getting very nervous as the police close in on the killer of his faithful secretary. Smart, bitchy society talk and lustrous black-and-white cinematography lend to the film a shiny allure, though the plot is overstuffed with familiar, unabsorbing elements. As the radio star, Claude Rains has a magnificent voice and a funny/sinister presence, but he isn't given much to do and oddly spends a great deal of time hovering around the picture's edges. *1/2 from ****
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