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Brothers (I) (2009)
7 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
After reading several of the recent votes for this film, I've realized that most of the viewers see this more of an entertainment piece and have not absorbed the message. Having been a witness to the actions that Sam displayed on screen these are incredibly accurate, to the perfect alignment and position to the glasses and mugs in the new kitchen, the gun drawn when the dog was barking outside, the smashing of the kitchen, the anger and paranoia (of Tommy and his wife and the anger and belligerence with the police). Even the self-abuse when Sam was hitting himself out of frustration. We noticed at the dinner table when he first arrived home that he didn't have the humor he once possessed when his daughter was relating the dog and the elephant. He never wanted to hurt anyone but was still holding the fire poker because a side of him probably wanted to kill everyone who was in his way and also when he put the gun to his head. Tommy and Sam say throughout the film "you're my brother" because the writer wanted to emphasize that Sam still has the human attachment to people but is now withdrawn because of his experiences. I only hope that more people will see that this is how too many of our servicemen and woman are coming home to. This was a remarkable, emotional, and realistic to what really happens.
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