Rabbit Fire (1951)
"Duck season!" "Rabbit season!"
7 February 2010
As much as I LOVED Rabbit Seasoning, Rabbit Fire was every bit as good. A truly brilliant cartoon from the wonderful Hunting Trilogy. Here Daffy is quite a jerk again, and he gets the worst of the butt of the jokes, and Bugs is his rascally self. The writing is outstanding here, the witty interplay between Bugs and Daffy was close to hysterical at times. Also the animation is consistently excellent, same with the music. The sight gags are really inspired, and right at this moment I am trying to count how many times I laughed during this, the bit with the elephant is priceless. The answer is a lot, I can't keep count. It really makes the most out of a story that has been done a lot in other Looney Tunes shorts. Mel Blanc and Arthur Q. Bryan flawlessly provide the voices. Overall, I highly recommend Rabbit Fire. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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